Taking stock of April 😋😋

Hey loves 😘. When I wrote this I was seated somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a view of giraffes and I just thought to myself I surely ought to take stock of my being at this very moment in time

  1. Drinking tea. Sweet chamomile mixed with strawberry & vanilla tea. I also threw in some orange and pineapple slices
  2. Considering being an introvert 😅
  3. Buying new books every month even though I haven’t finished reading the ones I have 🙄
  4. Watching giraffes standing and looking idle.. I don’t know I wish I could be a giraffe.
  5. Reading a little Life by Hanya Yanahigihara
  6. Wanting inner peace and tranquility 😊
  7. Looking for my Johny😂 I kid. Looking into the prospect of coming up with a collection of Maasai art.
  8. Hoping that I have a sustenance of energy to fulfill my goals this year
  9. Marvelling at the transformation of my body after 7 months of gym
  10. Playing scrabble with my newly acquired pink board 😋
  11. Deciding whether I will let the world see this stick take
  12. Wishing that I was as fearless as I seem 😮
  13. Needing an immortal pair of flat shoes 😂. The ones I have are wearing out too fast
  14. Questioning the second law of thermodynamics of entropy of the universe and thus the questioning between astronomers and theologists. Yes I know I’m a geek 😎
  15. Smelling shea butter. Raw Shea butter.
  16. Enjoying making different blends of tea with fruit 😊
  17. Wasting a lot of shoes in my collection because I wear such few pairs
  18. Liking the idea of doing my nails from home the rest of the year.
  19. Wearing a red top with cute lace and beautiful pajama pants that are really creased because why should we iron clothes.
  20. Following the strange news that the crack in Maimahiu will divide Africa and Kenya will be part of an Island.
  21. Noticing that I am enjoying quiet moments of utmost solitude more
  22. Wondering why my 4c hair tangles so much.
  23. Loving being woman. It’s a good time to be a girl.
  24. Thinking that I need to find ways to think about nothing.
  25. Admiring bloggers who have been at this for years. I’m already so worried I’ll get tired even before I start.
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