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24 lessons for 24 years lived

Life is a gift: Treat it as such. You only live once – live as such, do not use this mantra as an excuse for reckless living. Find your tribe – A group of people who you know at any given time Walk on the shoulders of giants – Mentors are so important, get a […]...

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Reflections on working in corporate for a year

When I was leaving school post my undergraduate degree my biggest fear was being jobless. Each day I spammed employers with my CVs, talked to those I knew. Anything to ensure that I did not stay at home. Seeing that I had not come up with an entrepreneurial venture that I could keep myself occupied […]...

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The last black unicorn

Hey loves, I have just finished listening to this book 😊😊😊. The last black unicorn. A hilarity of a story. This book made me feel happy, Tiffany made me laugh. I mean laugh my heart out. The candidness with which her life happened is just so deeply beautiful. Her style of writing makes it very […]...

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I’m seated at an Art-caffe calmly waiting for a friend of mine to arrive and then it occurs to me that my weekly blog post is due… When I started out with writing this post, the title was grateful. As I continued typing the title turned into self doubt. Remember in primary school how we […]...

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Born a crime 😲😌😛

I finished reading this book yesterday. Two weeks after starting to read it, ravaging hungrily through all the pages. Born a crime came into my life and overtook everything that I was already reading. 14 books were in like for my readership. However, I have grown up with an intrigue for this man Trevor so […]...

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Taking stock of April 😋😋

Hey loves 😘. When I wrote this I was seated somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a view of giraffes and I just thought to myself I surely ought to take stock of my being at this very moment in time Drinking tea. Sweet chamomile mixed with strawberry & vanilla tea. I also threw […]...

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