I’m seated at an Art-caffe calmly waiting for a friend of mine to arrive and then it occurs to me that my weekly blog post is due…

When I started out with writing this post, the title was grateful. As I continued typing the title turned into self doubt. Remember in primary school how we used to write 📝 our compositions (essays for those who went to academies) would come before the title. That somehow you knew what the title would be after you were done… I feel slightly the same way about this peace.


Today I was listening to a podcast on prayer by Pastor Rick Warren and he talked about having a grateful list 📃: things that you’re super grateful for and I thought it’s a lovely way to take stock 😋

I am grateful for:

  1. Life – I was listening to David Rubenstein being interviewed by the hosts of the Freakonomics podcast and he said that now that he is 68 years old he would give all his money up to be 5 years younger. Just so you can have this in perspective, his net worth is 2.8 billion USD. He went on to say it’s because life is so pleasurable and not because he has money which he largely donates but because he is happy and he loves living. I am grateful to be alive in a time when I can determine what I want for my life and go for it.
  2. Parents – I would be nowhere without them. They have held my hand 🖐 throughout my life. They have supported my dreams. They have taught me valuable life lessons and thus protected me from learning the hard way. My parents have taught me everything I know about caring for others, self respect and self worth and more. I don’t know what I would do without them.
  3. Work – I have to tell you that my natural impulse is to think of work as an endless drudgery occupying many hours of my life with fruits that are not very apparent. However, first I have work and many don’t. I am grateful for that. Second, I work in the field that I wanted to be in, marketing and even though occasionally I am overwhelmed by a strong sense of self doubt that I am not enough to deliver on the tasks set before me, I am grateful for the opportunity to step into the office each day to add value to the organisation I am in. Yesterday I officially clocked one year at my current work place.
  4. Friendship – for the friends that stay. For the friends that listen. For the special friends that can take one look at me and just know that everything somewhere is wrong. For the friends that I see twice a year and it’s like I saw you yesterday. For the friends that turn into lovers and for those that could be lovers but subconsciously we protect each other from the plausibility of broken friendship because of the drama that introducing romance could bring.
  5. Books – Poetry books likes milk and honey, the sun and her flowers 💐, funny books like the last black unicorn, books that I am completely unable to finish reading like war and peace, and deep books  , like A Little Life
  6. You. The person reading this. I write for you. Thank you for being.
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