Taking stock of August

  1. Making sure that I write more often. It has been such a long hiatus.
  2. Cooking bacon and eggs quite literally. This is one my favourites about the weekend, that I can actually cook at home and enjoy meals made by me.
  3. Drinking green tea with blueberry and honey. It is so delicious. I have found myself re-filling my cup over and over again.
  4. Reading the wondrous life of Oscar Yao and a myriad of other books. I have to tell you that once I am done I will revert to reading one book at a time. The whole book hopping affair is proving to be an inefficient way to read.
  5. Wanting to run 21 km but that sun just came out shining bright like a diamond. The last time I ran in the sun I got blisters and a proper level of exhaustion, so no thank you. I will make time for it tomorrow. Just as I write this is sounds like I am awfully procrastinating. So wanting to stop procrastinating.pexels-photo-235941
  6. Looking forward to being 23.
  7. Playing hard to get. Okay no. I am kidding. Playing thoughts in my head over and over on how to be a consistent problem solver.
  8. Deciding on what to do with my leave days. Any suggestions?
  9. Wishing I could consistently wake up at 4am. On the days I did I got so much done.
  10. Enjoying having Spotify. I just realised how much I missed just sitting down and listening to a beautiful play list.
  11. Waiting for Oceans 8 movie to come out on my free streaming channels. Surely I have been waiting for such a long time.
  12. Wondering why it took me so long to start blogging. But we are here now and that’s what matters
  13. Loving the new hair-do I have. It’s braided out of my natural hair so it has a really light feel to it and I can literally get under the shower without worrying about my hair getting wet.notebook-731212_1920
  14. Pondering on whether I will actually run 42km at the end of this year. The idea is to finish. I am not even trying to beat a certain time. I just want to finish.
  15. Considering relaxing my hair… I know …
  16. Buying into the idea that I am adulting majorly and I should spend more time savouring these moments than wondering why on earth I was in such a hurry to be an adult.
  17. Hoping that by the end of this year I can finish all the books that I have in my possession. I will feel so achieved.
  18. Marvelling at the wonderful things my foam roller has done for me since I got it
  19. Needing a lot of consistency in my life.
  20. Questioning myself on the quagmire of what my purpose in life is… sigh.
  21. Wearing jeans and a green sweater because winter is not going. Also some cute peach nail polish which I am finding uber cute.
  22. Following
  23. Noticing that September is here with me. This is my favourite month of the year. September to me represents re-birth, renewal. September I am ready for you.
  24. Knowing that your gut is always right. Listen.
  25. Thinking that this is the life that I live and I will spend my energy loving it J
  26. Admiring people that have a consistent morning routine on a daily. I think rituals are really powerful.
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