The last black unicorn

Hey loves,

I have just finished listening to this book 😊😊😊. The last black unicorn. A hilarity of a story. This book made me feel happy, Tiffany made me laugh. I mean laugh my heart out. The candidness with which her life happened is just so deeply beautiful. Her style of writing makes it very easy to read the book even if you are not an avid reader.

I feel so strongly that Tiffany Haddish is a strong and resilient young woman.

Tiffany narrates her story. From her child-hood to her days in success. There are biographies that I have read that are air-brushed. Or where the person writing is a victim of circumstance and somehow through some form of luck they made it. Have you ever read a book and thought about how un-relatable it is? Not with Tiffany. She wrote the last black unicorn with one heart. It is a raw memoir of what it means to literally start from the bottom.

She writes her story in prose, in true realness… She speaks of her purpose in life being to make people laugh and be happy and I’ve got to tell you that as this book drew nearer to a close this is one of those things that I really resonated with. The fact that she has found her purpose in her work is so beautiful. So many times I find that people go to work to earn a living and leave work to go and live their purpose.

Tiffany takes us through the journey of her life from her child-hood, to losing her mother to mental illness, to being in an abusive marriage.

Tiffany did not give us a perfect picture of her life. She shares her life when she is living in shelters and in her car. The theme that you can feel throughout this book is her natural sense of humour. She is a natural story teller, and her life experiences have made her story so rich in flavor. I know many of us struggle with definitively identifying what our purpose in life is and so do I. However, having read this book the strongest lesson I have learnt is that you must never give up. It is in doing what you do, in living the moments presented to you in life that you ably identify what your purpose is. Just never give up.

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