A hike around Mt. Kenya

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For those who know me, I am a pretty sporty person. So a little while back when I was teaching a sunday school class in my local church we planned a trip to hike just the base of Mt.Kenya with these lovely girls aged between 12 and 14.

Getting there if you ar ecoming from Nairobi is a 4 hour drive by road to Chogoria, which is the closest town to the park. We had a parent host us at her home. The Mt. Kenya National park has some really lovely cottages that you can stay in and there are also some lodging in the local chogoria town.

Most people who go here are usually planning to hike the whole mountain but for us we were only going up to the first peak then returning, so it turned out to be a one day hike.

The highlight of this trip for me was the adventure that it was and the purity of air when you are at the altitude, the air is cool, crisp and clean and if you have been in the city long enough your body can tell the difference.

We used an old Land Rover which was the most suitable car for this hike for the simple reason that most cars are not ableto weather this terrain comfortably, so a hardy vehicle works bests

The lovely group of girls catching a break and a snack and our mode of transport for the day

My tips for hiking are:

  1. Wear warm light clothing, this is because as you contibue to climb it gets really chilly and since you are walking most of the time, the clothes need to be light so that they do not weigh you down.
  2. Go as a group, I remember that at some point some girls got really tired and wanted to give up, yet there is really no option to leave them behind, so the social pressure and encouragement is what pushed them to finish the hike. This is especially important if you are planning to hike the whole mount Kenya.
  3. Invest in water-proof hiking boots and a waterproof coat,┬áthe likelihood that it is going to rain is very high, I made the mistake of wearing normal sneakers, not only were they soaking wet by the time I was done, but they were also pretty worn out by the time the hike was done and I also did not have a water-proof jacket so by the time I was done, I was basically soaking wet. So… get ’em water-proof.IMG_20170819_101329
  4. Carry plenty of water and eat a heavy meal before you start.
  5. Work on your fitness prior for at least two months to the hike, the whole hike is very physically exerting, if you are not a big fun of working out, I recommed that you do some consistent cardio at least 4 times a week to increase your fitness level, otherwise, you are highly likely to tire really fast abd completely not enjoy the hike.
  6. Enjoy the scenery the whole trail is so scenic and beautiful
Scenic beauty


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