About Her Ikigai

About Her Ikigai

Dear lovely readers

My name is Joy Murugi. I started Her Ikigai to document my personal experiences and live my Ikigai through this. I have found that my purpose in to Inspire Courage. I hope reading my weeks inspires courage in you

I am a Kenyan, I am 25 years old, I am currently based in Nairobi

I love the outdoors, so if you do not find me on my laptop punching away at spread sheets; you will find me chasing sunsets on top of hills,

Often I am buried in a book. However, I have 25 unread books right now and hopefully this year I can take down 50 books and pour them into my mind.

Occasionally I also make the worst kind of mum jokes.

I love being around people generally, I am a pluviophile; a lover of rain 😊I am a Beyonce fan 😊

I try to honor my name and spread lots of love, light, and joy

I started this blog to share my lived experiences in the hope that I will inspire someone to go after their dreams, to take a step of courage towards anything that they want, to be able to share that it is possible to live a life that is honest, fulfilling and filled with meaning

I am currently making an attempt at navigating a corporate career in sales and marketing (and no they are not the same thing.)

I love life, I am lover. Vanilla and flowers make me happy; I am as girly as they come.

I am a Christian and my prayer is that this space inspires even an inkling of love for yourself and what you do.

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