Are human being self-sabotaging?

The upbringing of most of us has been in a manner that we have been taught what is wrong and what is right and in these teachings we have grown with a deep sense of purpose of what is expected of us.
Why then is it that it is absolutely difficult to do what we know is right for ourselves? You may know that one more drink of alcohol and you end up depleting your monthly earnings and end up funding your living expenses on a loan… the very next month you swear that when your salary comes in you will be disciplined. You even whisper within yourself that you will tithe. You speak into your being and convince yourself that this time round that savings account that has been on zero balance will have something.. however as soon as your pocket money hits your poket it’s gone before you know it. Your salary seems to have found a perpetual way to leave you and you are constantly feeling like you are stuck in an uncontrollable viscious circle of never ending “broke-ness”.
In the other sphere of life with regards to friendships you know that truly and deepy there are certain friendships and relationships that are nothing shot of detrimental. However, you are stuck there. You know that everytime you are around him, you leave feeling deeply sad. You know that every time you spend 20 minutes with her she robs you of the deep joy that you had amassed within you. But you still continue to remain with her. Spending time.

You know that you have an exam in 2 weeks time and it will make or break your fragile GPA that is at the brink of damnation. However, those movies have never seemed better to watch, the night life is so lit right now that you cannot contain the fear of missing out that is threatening to completely annihilate your social life at this point in time.
Finally, the deadline to submit this report lurks around you. However, those tweets and instagram notifications are crying out to you to listen to them.
I do not know which of these situations you may have related to you but these all come from personal experiences I have fought tooth and nail with to vanquish from my life. The thought that as a fully reasoning human I know what is good for me and I fail to do it continues to baffle me day in, day out. As I seeked the answer to the very title of this blog post, something came to me: is it the curse of being a millineal? Such that the concept of delayed gratification is completely ousted from our vocabularies. That we completely fail to see the importance of waiting. The importance of delaying the gratification of scrolling through a random social media feed so that we can engage our minds in more meaninful work, like studying for an exam.
Why do we do things that are detrimental to ourselves?
Is it that we are fundametally flawed as human beings. Tell me what you think in the comment section down below.

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