Born a crime 😲😌😛

I finished reading this book yesterday. Two weeks after starting to read it, ravaging hungrily through all the pages. Born a crime came into my life and overtook everything that I was already reading. 14 books were in like for my readership. However, I have grown up with an intrigue for this man Trevor so when I got my hands on the book I wasted no time.
Born a crime is a narration of the beautiful nearly tragic childhood and young adulthood of Trevor.

What I loved about the book 📙
The candidness with which the words in this book were put together. The overarching humour that hangs over the entire book like a ghost lingering… Thinking about whether to haunt on not to haunt. Trevor Noah writes this book now as though the happenstances transpired yesterday. The crispness in which Trevor puts together his words depicts how strongly his childhood impacted his being. How strongly anyone’s childhood will have on their being.

I really related with his writing because it low key felt like his manner of being is mine in some respects. Starting with the fact that he did things that felt so right to do but looking at them in hindsight you could not wrap your head around how he did it. For example this one time when he was in catholic school and seeing that he was not a catholic, he was not allowed to have sacrament. What did he do? He confessed to one of his friends what he was going to do and he audaciously walked right up to where the sacrament was being stored in preparation for mass and Trevor did the inimaginable. He ate vengefully the body of Christ and drank His blood hungrily, in his own words as though to make up for all the times he was not allowed to. When I read this part of the book it felt like such a sacrilegious thing to do, then I stepped into his shoes and it occurred to me that it was just an act of defiance, if anything it was an act of curiosity blend with child like wonder and entitlement to things that are forbidden. It is such a large part of being human. Wanting to do what is forbidden. The glee of eating the sacrament is what brings in the sense of humour 🦏…

His mother got called to the school as would be the case and you will not believe this but she didn’t see the big deal. Trevor’s mum, Patriciah Noah understood her son. He got expelled and taken to another school. His mum is a paragon of womanhood in this writing
.. A mother…. A woman.. A free spirit that cometh lose. She is my favorite character. She represents the womanhood that I aspire to. A woman who is non conformist. A woman who has grown up. In a society that almost wants to suppress everything she is except that which can be drawn out of the well of her being. Patriciah Noah represents what a lot of women worldwide aspire to. Being your own woman, being independent and having a mind of your own. I admired the love that she had for her son. They had a close bond.. Deep love abounding no borders. In her word, she chose Trevor and there’s nothing as deep as being chosen by someone, 😊 and Robert said. You don’t own what you love… A trait that Abel didn’t understand
.. Read the book. It’ll teach you something about apartheid and racism. The black tax of being born poor and the likelihood that you will continue in the poverty..
No form of review can demistify this book and even when the movie comes out as with all books

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