Brazil Part 2

If you read the previous post you know that this trip required a lot of preparation, fortunately everything went according to plan. I travelled with south African Airlines, the flight was 18 hours long and I loved the experience.

I landed in Sao Paulo, a metropolitan city known as the brick city. Many firm head-quarter here and hence it is a working hub for many Brazilians. It is your typical city with the usual traffic and humdrum of daily living.

In terms of activities to do, there a lot of art galleries, theatres and shopping malls to go to. The city is also very clean and beautiful so I relished in taking a scooter from one end to another, just feeling the vibes of the place and enjoying the scenery. This post will mainly be in pictures. Enjoy ­čÖé

The paintings below are from the Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand

A painting of 3 generations, a grandmother, her daughter and grand-daughter
IMG_20190710_153857 (1)
Pablo Picasso’s work
Maria Auxiliadora – A famed painter

These were my highlights from this gallery. Then there was a visiting art exhibition dubbed the MASP which was so amazing

The highlight of this gallery for me was this

The story behind the over-sized breasts was that enslaved black women used to tie stones round their breasts to elongate them so that they could work and breast-feed the children they were carrying on their backs

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The last post in this series will be on Rio, I did a lot more activities here. Stay tuned

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