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Quarter Life Crisis reflections

As I was inching closer to my┬á20s,┬áI came across material that spoke about quarter life crisis and thought, “how strange?” How is it possible that a millennial that┬áis at the prime of their youth would be going through any form of crisis. ArenÔÇÖt the mid-20s the age at which someone enjoys the largest amount of […]...

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Starting again

Its around 9pm and I have just finished my work out of the day. ItÔÇÖs the 3rd day since I have been consistently working out. Having tried time and time again. It has also been such a long time since I consistently wrote. I berated myself about it. About whether to stop writing all together […]...

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I’m seated at an Art-caffe calmly waiting for a friend of mine to arrive and then it occurs to me that my weekly blog post is due… When I started out with writing this post, the title was grateful. As I continued typing the title turned into self doubt. Remember in primary school how we […]...

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Why does fear consume us?

When I wrote this blog post I was deep in tears. My heart was completely broken. For whatever reason I am awfully anxious and afraid. Tomorrow at work I am starting out on a new role. I remember that the first time I got these news I was overcome by an overwhelming fear. I saw […]...

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