The snap-chat streak in life

I have been thinking a lot recently and I realized something; that the streak you have in snap chat is also very much applicable in daily life. Now for those who are wondering how I drew this correlation I will explain. I have been struggling a lot with maintaining a consistent daily routine yet I am a firm believer that these routines are one of the best ways to maintain an efficient life. I was reading an article on the daily routines of geniuses ( and the author mentions a book called the Daily rituals: How artists work. It is in reading the review of the book on NPR that I realized that truly the whole snap chat streak is representative of many life elements.

For those who are not a snap chat a streak occurs when you have been chatting a person (mostly with pictures) consistently for more than a day. Based on how long you have been speaking consistently the streak can be one day or 365 days. Now, here is the catch. The day you drop the ball and fail to chat your streak dies.  That is why I thought that the snap chat streak has so much in common with life in the following ways:


  1. The things that you do not nourish in your life will inevitably die ☚
  2. The moment you lose momentum on something that you have been working on you have to start again from scratch to gain the same energy that lent meaning to the flow …
  3. Sometimes you will have to apply yourself even when you do not feel like because that streak is not only meaningful at the time that you do it but when you look back and realised that you have 50 streaks and if at the 51st streak you do not feel like you do it anyway.
  4. Sometimes you may not have streak-worthy moments to share but still you share, for the sake of the streak. As is with all the goals you will set there are days that you do not remotely feel like what you are working on is worthy, just trust the intuition that created the goal in the first place that it is worth doing.
  5. You’ve got to know when to pull out of a situation or just give-up. One of my favourite thought leaders, Rachel Simmons indicated that sometimes you will put in hard work, you will sweat blood and tears for a friendship, in a role, in a relationship but the results you seek may not come through, not because of your inadequacy but because somethings that were to determine success were not within your reach and hence failure is the result you got. As is with the snap chat streak, you start from zero with lessons learnt and a renewed energy.
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